6-year M.D. Program

Attention 2nd year MD Students!


"Pathophysiology of Locomotor Organs" - "Clinical Neurophysiology"  2018/2019


Main pathological phenomena diagnosed in muscles and nerves as well as in the supraspinal and spinal cord centers with the clinical neurophysiological methods are presented for students during seminars and clinical examinations with patients. They are explained during practical examinations which are performed by students on healthy volunteers and on patients (with their previous consent) for comparison. All examinations are superintended by Assistants and the Course Coordinator. In fact, this is introducing to the Evidence Based Medicine “Clinical Neurophysiology” diagnostics in cases of the neuromuscular disorders.
Year 2018/2019
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2 ECTS , 30 hours, Extended Course (more patients, more practice!).

2018/2019  6-MD 2nd year

Day Month Year Hours Cathegory
5 December 2018 11:30-15:15 seminars 4 hours
12 December 2018 11:30-15:15 seminars 4 hours
19 December 2018 11:30-15:15 practises 5 hours
9 January 2019 11:00-14:45 practises 4 hours
16 January 2019 08:00-11:45 practises 6 hours
23 January 2019 08:00-11:45 practises 6 hours


Schedule can be modified tel. 504 041 843  

Please also contact:  zpnr@wp.pl or phone (61) 8-310-230,  (61) 8-310-233, 504-041-843

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Course Co-ordinator

Prof. Juliusz Huber

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