3-year B.Sc. Physiotherapy

Attention  3rd year B.Sc. Physiotherapy Program Students!


We kindly inform the students of 3rd year 2017/2018 about possibility of participation in election faculties (evaluated by students in 2011/2012 at 85%):


Year 2017/2018

Fall semester

Day Month Year Hours Cathegory
23 October 2017 12:30-14:45 seminars
23 October 2017 14:45-16:15 practises
06 November 2017 12:30-14:00 seminars
06 November 2017 14:00-16:15 practises
20 November 2017 12:30-16:15 practises


WISUS APAP system should be used to confirm participation.


Clinical Neurophisiology in Neurorehabilitation Part 2 FACULTY


Brief description of the faculty can be downloaded at:



Main pathological phenomena diagnosed in muscles and nerves as well as in the supraspinal and spinal cord centres with the clinical neurophysiological methods are presented for students during seminars and clinical examinations with patients. A special attention is put to the pathology in transmission of motor and sensory fibers in upper and lower extremities nerves and the trigeminal nerve as well as disorders of muscles studied with electromyography. They are explained during practical examinations which are performed by students on healthy volunteers and on patients (with their previous consent) for comparison. In fact, this is introducing to the Evidence Based Medicine “Clinical Neurophysiology” of the human body movement disorders diagnosed for the physiotherapeutic purposes.


Evaluation of sensory and motor impairments in patients after stroke, with myofascial pain syndrome and back pain treated conservatively. Electromyographical recognition of muscles groups with the increased tension. Creation of the most proper Evidence Based Medicine algorithm for electrotherapeutic and kinesiotherapeutic procedures based on results of clinical neurophysiological examinations. Optimization the certain elements of physiotherapeutic procedures (PNF, isometric exercises) for the directional rehabilitation of the mentioned patients. Continuation and broadening the content of faculty “Neurophysiology in rehabilitation part 1”.

Please also contact:  zpnr@wp.pl or phone (61) 8-310-230,  (61) 8-310-233, 504-041-843

Description of faculty is available here.

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